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Introducing LAC® Taut®

LAC® Taut® is a widely respected premium luxury brand leader in the anti-aging, beauty supplement category. Taut® is sold worldwide since 2006 with millions of women loving Taut® Collagen.

To renew, refresh and restore our skin and body, and embrace "Beautiful Healthy Skin and Body starts from within".

Our mission and passion are always focused on you, our customers!

We are here to share the science behind the ingredients that your skin & body needs, important anti-aging tips and promise to use only the most premium, clinically tested and 'clean' ingredients that work best to nourish your skin and body.

Our Milestones

In 2015, we reformulated Taut® Premium Collagen to be made with a natural plant-based sweetener (Stevia Leaf Extract) and without preservatives, for a better, cleaner product for our US customers.

In 2016, we elevated the Taut® collagen and beauty supplement range to the next level, designing and launching the first “Complete Collagen Skin Care System”.  Later that year, we also successfully introduced our “Collagen Intense Transformation Collection” – both of these curated, simple easy value programs designed to help address our customers’ specific skin care concerns.

In April 2018, we launched our newest improved Taut® formula – now with grape seed extract and elastin:  Taut® Premium Collagen Advanced Formula.

Today, Taut® is available in many luxury spas, health and beauty retail shops, select independent pharmacies (So. Cal) and premium online stores. 

Thank you for joining all the millions of women who love Taut.

What We Do

Innovate. Improve. Advance.

We listen to you and always hear your concerns and strive to improve, whether it is providing the best customer service, enhancing our product formulation or elevating your shopping experience.

It is our goal to provide you with only the most luxurious, powerful and effective products, with all the information you desire at your fingertips, and always a friendly “V.I.P.” shopping experience.