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Why ChildLife Essentials®

The range was developed in the 1990’s by New Zealand born Holistic Paediatrician Dr. Murray Clarke for his children patients at his Santa Monica clinic, after he realised that nutritional supplements intended for children did not exist.
He then began to formulate the line of products that became ChildLife Essentials®.

The formulas were designed with a child’s unique nutritional requirements in mind and the ingredients were meticulously chosen for their quality and purity. The flavours were carefully crafted so that children would enjoy taking their vitamins, without any of the artificial colourings, flavourings and sweeteners found in most other kids supplements.
Most importantly, the line was fine-tuned in Dr. Clarke’s now world-renowned paediatric clinic to generate consistent, effective results. No other line of supplements has been developed by a pioneer in holistic pediatrics with proven results for now more than 15 years.

ChildLife Essentials® is the result of Dr. Clarke’s 20+-year experience in treatments and a quest for knowledge on what causes ill health in children and how to treat and heal in the safest, most effective manner.

The ChildLife Essentials® range is available in 32 countries including America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Our Points of Difference

  • ChildLife Essentials® is the only supplement brand exclusively for babies, infants and children, offering a complete nutritional range.
  • Made from the highest quality natural ingredients and carefully chosen for their purity by Dr. Clarke
  • Easy for children to take, delivered mostly in liquid form
  • ChildLife Essentials® can be taken from birth untill 16+
  • They can be taken with other ChildLife Essentials® products or taken on their own according to your child’s needs.​ ​

Natural Products

  • The range is ​not laboratory derived but derived from natural sources
  • ChildLife Essentials® products are made from the cleanest and purest natural ingredients specifically sourced for their highest quality
  • No artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavours
  • Gluten free, GMO free, alcohol free and casein free.
  • No milk (except in the Probiotics), no eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, corn or yeast
  • Independently tested for pesticides and metals such as mercury, PCBs and dioxins

Two key components of the range to keep children healthy are:

  1. Essential vitamins for ongoing maintenance, growth and development of your child
  2. Supplements and formulas to ​support your child’s immune system